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The 3 Forbidden “C” words

There are 3 “C” words you do not say in our house. The first one I will not even say, or tell you because it is that appalling and my wife would kill me.

The second is “Can’t”. That is a word that throughout my life, you just don't use. It was instilled in me that, “Can’t”, just doesn’t exist. If there's a will, there's a way and if you work as hard as you can, you will succeed. That is why I believe that I have been so successful thus far in life.

The third word is, “Cancer”. Growing up, cancer was one of those words that you never wanted to say or hear come out of someone’s mouth. Cancer was affecting more and more people that I knew, yet had not affected me. That was up until about 5 years ago.

In 2014 my mother in law, Suzanne was diagnosed with Large B Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It was found in the lymph nodes under her armpit. Suzanne went to Sloan-Kettering in NYC where she undergone many treatments. She also did not use the word, “Can’t”.  She fought hard and fought it head on and after her treatments was in remission. We all felt relief and hoped that she would never go through that again.

In 2015, our first daughter was born and it was one of the happiest days of our lives. Suzanne was a proud, happy grandmother who had planned on watching the baby full-time as my wife and I worked. During the babies first birthday party, Suzanne who is usually vary sharp mentally (can answer ever Jeopardy question) was forgetting little things. She was very confused and would ask you the same questions multiple times within minutes. We knew something was off but again did not want to say or think cancer. As her symptoms got worse, she went back to Sloan and that’s when we got the devastating news. The cancer was back and this time it had spread to her brain and throughout her stem cells. The whole family was devastated and we all knew we had to stay positive for Suzanne and for one another. Suzanne again went back to Sloan, where she went through some of the most invasive, harsh treatments a person could go through; this was to include: chemo delivered directly to the brain through a port installed into her head. Chemo delivered through a port in her chest along with radiation and stem cell replacement treatment. Suzanne and her husband Mike (who would not leave her side) had to live at Sloan in sterile confinement for six months. To see someone, you love and know to be a bright light slowly fade truly takes a toll on everyone. I could not imagine how long those six months felt to Suzanne not being able to see her family and undergo such horrific treatments. But like I said, “Can’t”, and giving up is not an option, not only in the Judge family but it was not an option in the Quigley family either. With much love, support, will power, fight and great care given by Sloan-Kettering, she has yet again beat cancer and is in remission!

Suzanne still goes for treatments every few weeks as a preventive measure and will probably do so for some time.  Everyday, Susan is making progress to regain her strength and independence.

I do believe that in today's day and age, everyone is affected by cancer or some life-threatening illness or tragedy. Suzanne and Mike luckily have great insurance but still had to pay a great deal of money out of pocket for medical expenses, medications, and travel/hotel stays.

There are many families out there who may not be so lucky and have to rely on foundations like the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital.

In an effort to be a part of the solution, a portion of the proceeds from my store will be donated to this great foundation who is there for families in their greatest time of need. The donation will be made by the, Judge race team, in the name of Suzanne. People who I personally know here in the Hudson Valley have called upon the Maria Fareri foundation and they have been there for them every step of the way. They describe the nurses and caregivers there as, “Angels”.

This is my story and why I think it's so important we all give to the people who truly need the help.

Joe Judge

About Joe Judge

Joe Judge has been racing for 18 years and has grown in the sport of Dirt Modified Racing. He is a second generation driver from Accord, New York. In 2000, Joe started off in the dirt racing scene in the Pure Stock Division. He quickly had success winning multiple races and championships. In 2007, he attended the Skip Barber Racing School where he learned more about the craft of racing.

Wanting to grow in the sport, Joe moved into the Spec Sportsman division in 2010. Success continued as he was able to once again pick up several wins in the division.

In 2013, Joe and his race team made the decision to move up to the permier class in dirt racing, Dirt Modifieds. Now in the top division in dirt racing, Joe continues to take on new challenges. After several years of running at Accord Speedway, he has been running multiple tracks for the Short Track Super Series where the best of the best are coming together to compete.

Joe Strives to keep moving forward and making progress in the industry to one day become the top competitor.